Annie Makeup Workshop

In preparation for the Annie musical, the hair and makeup team learned some industry tips and tricks in a workshop delivered by Cinemagraphic Makeup Artist, Megan Beverley. The student team and Angela Bond (Hair and Makeup Coordinator) were taught various techniques to enhance the authenticity of the Annie characters. This wonderful opportunity incorporated techniques of foundation application, how to create Hooverville and orphan characters, 1930s glamour characters, and male characters.

The musical is fast approaching, with only three shows (1 & 2 May). Tickets are almost sold out! Click here to book your seats.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Yesterday was an exciting day for the Annie cast and crew, working alongside professional creatives for the filming of the musical’s trailer. Steven from Markwell Presents brought his filming equipment, as well as, his wealth of knowledge and expertise. The cast looked great in their costumes and their performances were fabulous, as the camera rolled and stills were shot. Thank you to Steven for his amazing work and professionalism.

Here are some snapshots of the filming and stay tuned for the official Annie trailer.

Limited tickets are available, click here to purchase your seat.

An Interview with Annie

This May, St Rita’s College will open the doors of Trinity Hall for 3 performances of Annie. Opening night is Friday, 1 May at 7:30pm, followed by two performances on Saturday, 2 May. Tickets are on sale now through

Gabrielle Lofthouse is set to play the endearing role of Annie. In person, she is as bright and bubbly as the loveable character and it is understandable why she was cast as the lead. Enjoy this brief interview with the star of Annie and don’t forget to book your seats as tickets are selling fast!

Gabby stars as Annie

Gabby will play Annie

What was your first ever role?

I was in a little theatre group called Fame, we did a musical called a ghosts story and I played one of the main characters.

If you could score any role, which character would you play?

Being a Disney princess would be so cool!

Why did you want to play Annie?

Annie is gorgeous. She exudes optimism. People can’t help but love her.

What did you do when you found out you got the part?

I looked at the casting list, saw my name and screamed.

What has the character taught you?

Annie has taught me to be optimistic, even in really horrible times.

What is your favourite scene in Annie?

The opening scene because it introduces all of the characters to the audience…and you know what they say, “If you have a great opening scene, the rest of the show is going to be great” (I actually don’t know if they say that).

What is your favourite song from the musical?

N.Y.C. I’ve always been fond of it.

If you could change anything about the character, what would that be?

I wouldn’t want to change anything because Annie is such a beautiful character that brings hope to people when they most need it. Annie is perfect. She may have flaws but that’s what makes her a realistic character.

Annie 2015

Leapin’ Lizards! This year St Rita’s College presents Annie the musical. The popular comic strip heroine takes centre stage in one of the world’s best-loved musicals. Tickets will be available soon, for 3 shows in May. Production is underway and excitement is growing. Stay tuned for more Annie updates.

This is your official backstage pass to our rehearsals…annie_logo