Last full day in NYC

Today was our last full day in NYC as we leave for the airport at 10am tomorrow.

FIlm, TV and New Media

By Freya Dean

This morning we visited the NBC Studios and had a tour of the facilities and learnt the history of NBC. We were able to see the set of NBC News and the Saturday Night Live set. We were able to go into Jimmy Fallon’s Studio and created our own Late Night Show. We also saw the studio where the Muppets was originally filmed and saw some decorated pipes which were painted by the Muppets staff. Sadly we didn’t get to see Jimmy Fallon or anyone famous but it was exciting to see the behind the scenes workings of TV shows!


By Alex Gibson

This morning we went to a Lee Strandberg Method Acting workshop. During this workshop we learnt to reconnect with our younger selves and explore difficult emotions. Most people shed a tear or two, but it was a valuable learning experience. Actors often use this technique to immerse themselves in an experience, before they need to play that character.

Visual Art

This morning the visual art students stopped by the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) gift shop as MoMA is currently closed as it is undergoing major renovations. Next we stopped by St Patrick’s Cathedral, an iconic landmark on 5th Ave. The amazing architecture was stunning, including a beautiful rose stained glass window.

United Nations

Today we were to meet with the Australian Ambassador – Mission to the United Nation, Gillian Bird, but she was called away to an emergency security meeting. Fortunately the Assistant Secretary, Natalie, was able to talk to us about the role of the UN and Australia’s role at the UN. She also shared with us her career path and how she ended up working at the UN. Natalie was so friendly and we were so excited to meet with her. Next stop was a visit to the UN.

United Nations Headquarters

This afternoon we had a tour of the UN Headquarters in NY. Our tour visited the General Assembly Hall, the Security Council Chamber, the Trusteeship Council Chamber and the Economic and Social Council Chamber. We also learnt about how the UN addresses issues such as disarmament, peace and security, human rights and how we can support the Sustainable Development Goals. It was an amazing experience.

Apollo Amateur Theatre Night

By Lucy Phillpott and Freya Backstrom

Tonight we took the subway all the way up to Harlem to the Apollo Theatre. Every Wednesday night is amateur night, where talented people from all over America compete for a spot in the finals in November. Many stars have been discovered by appearing at the Apollo Theatre. Tonight there were two categories- aged 5-17 years old with a $5000 prize and an open category with $20 000 prize money for the first 3 winners.

There was lots of audience participation as you could boo off the stage the adult competitors, but not the children. The final vote was calculated by how loud the audience cheered for each competitor by measuring the noise on a decibel meter. During interval, the stage turned I to a dance floor where you could go dance. It was the best night and a great way to celebrate our last night in NY!

Ellen’s Diner and Broadway Show

Last night we had dinner at Ellen’s Diner, famous for the entertainment provided by the singing wait staff. Many Broadway performers have made their start working at Ellen’s Diner. It was a really fun and entertaining night.

After dinner we headed off to our Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen. The show was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The singing, acting and multimedia experience is one we won’t forget. After the show we were lucky enough to join another school group for a Q and A with the cast. This opportunity allowed us to ask them questions about how they made it on Broadway, their own career history and how they coped with the grind of daily performances. The cast were so generous to share their journeys with us. It was a highlight of our night!

New York Day 6

Our second day of workshops and industry visits.

Visual Art

Today the art students ventured to two significant museums, the Guggenheim and the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). We exploded many pieces created by famous artists including Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh and Mrs Cottrell’s favourite, Jackson Pollock. Although it was a really hot day, we enjoyed learning about the history of the design and architecture of the Guggenheim. We even got to have lunch at Shake Shack! Overall, the Art students had a wonderful time viewing uniques sculptures, artworks and buildings.

By Madeline Dunstan


The drama group had an absolute blast today in the Big Apple, completing multiple workshops to hone our drama skills. This morning we took a backstage tour of the Broadway theatre where the Disney tale Aladdin is currently being shown. The stunning and well-preserved architecture of the theatre, alongside our funky photo shoot with countless famous Broadway props and costumes, was amazing. Next we participated in a stage combat workshop. The group learned to punch, strangle and harm our peers in a safe and controlled manner. Overall, it was a magical and truly amazing day.

By Elka Barnett

Film, TV and New Media

Our workshop for FTV today was absolutely incredible! We were cast in a short film. Our leader Geo, wrote the short film called ” Babysitters Get Clubbed”. There were 7 babysitters, a mother,, and a young child called Angus. As the film progressed, the babysitters were killed off one at a time by an unknown murderer. My character, Jessica, was the very last babysitter to die. The mother came home and called in Angus and reprimanded him for not killing everyone…….dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!! So the mother finished my character off! The experience was one I’m so glad I got to be a part of as we were able to use a gimble for the first time and learn how to film using more technical language, such as ‘roll camera’ and ‘camera rolling’. It really was a once in a lifetime experience!!!

By Grace Calver

New York Day 5

Today we began our workshops.


Today was a bright and early start catching the subway to a workshop that focused on techniques for auditioning within the industry. The workshop was an amazing experience for all as we gathered a deeper insight into the inner workings and stages of being a working actor. Girls were given a small monologue each after we had been given heaps of tips and information from a professional in the industry. After our own performances we were lucky enough to spend time with Nicole Van Giesen who played the swing for both Cynthia and Heidi on the Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen. Finally we were spoilt with two songs sung live by Nicole.

After the workshop we visited the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). It was breathtaking to see in person such amazing artworks. Overall the day was an amazing learning experience for the drama girls and teachers and worth all the walking!

Maddy Seaton

Visual Art

Today the visual arts students visited the Museum of Arts and Design which gave us an insight into pop culture through the punk genre. Our guide talked us through the exhibition and we were able to design our own album poster. My band’s name was Cotti’s Angels😀 After lunch we made our way to the Meatpacking District to visit the Whitney Museum. This workshop focused on collage and after we visited several pieces in the museum, we began creating our own collage using watercolours, magazine pages, Sharpies and coloured pencils. It was a great, hands on day.

Sabrina Masci

Film, TV and New Media

This morning 9 FTV students explored the NY Film Academy. It was a very impressive school which gave us an insight into studying film at university. We got a peak at editing and recording studios which looked incredible. The afternoon we visited The Paley Centre for Media, which is an archive for a range of important media such as radio, TV and film. We had a fascinating lecture about the portrayal of women in the media over the years, which revealed the improvement of female equality. Overall the workshops were incredibly interesting and helpful as FTV students.

After one week in NY we have also mastered the subway!

Sarah Orr

New York Day 4

Today was the day everyone had been waiting for. The shopping day. 😁

We started off the day later than usual, which was a relief as we were able to catch up on some sleep. We caught a private bus to the shopping centre in New Jersey.. Suffice to say everyone was excited to spend the money they had been saving up for months.

Splitting off into groups we explored store after store, spending a questionable amount of money. After 3-4 hours of browsing we unfortunately had to stop our shopping spree and head back to the hotel.

We were then given the choice of either staying at the hotel for a rest or heading to the High Line. We were some of the girls who went to the High Line and boy oh boy we did not regret our choice. While there was plenty of walking, the view it gave of New York and was worth it.

We then went to dinner at Eataly which was like eating in Italy 😉. It had heaps of fresh Italian supermarkets rolled into the same building, stocking fresh seafood to handmade pasta to icy cold gelato, Bellissimo! Armed with $18 gift cards, we went our separate ways and regrouped later for the second half of our adventure. The Empire State Building.

We queued. We waited. We stood together. We walked. The elevator had our ears popping and we got out on the 76th floor and it only went up from there. On the 86th floor we took in breathtaking views, a sea of New Yorkian lights. 7 flights of stairs later we were on our way back to our beds and got there at 11:30pm for what might be considered a “late one”. What a crazy amazing day!

By Matisse Stevens

New York Day 3

Today we started off with a historical throw back at radio city, the place that put the theatrical and art industry on the map. Americas Got Talent, Tony Awards and the Logies have all been staged here. It also featured a 24 carat gold ceiling that the original owner Roxy, chose to put in his personal suite. We were also able to meet one of the famous Rockettes who told us all about her experiences and the hard work it takes to become apart of the famous line. We also got a super cute pic with her.

After this throw back we all stumbled through the confusing streets and subway lines, to find our way to lunch. Spotted were the SRC girls making a grand entrance into Grand Central Terminal where the famous Serena Van Der Woodson once was. While we were there we enjoyed an enormous slice of NYC pizza and whispering at each other through the weird architecture that let you speak to someone on the other side of the room like you were on the phone.

To finish off the day we went for a lovely stroll through the famous Central Park where we got a guided tour of all the movies and to shows that featured the lovely features of the park. Our tour guide Matthew has now learnt many things about Australia such as how to create the perfect ratio between milo and milk and how to CORRECTLY (through a heated discussion) eat Vegemite. P.s. We miss Vegemite.

Now for the finale, we are sitting at Planet Hollywood eating dinner and talking about many different things that we have seen in America and soon we will be walking around Time Square before going to the wax museum, Madame Tussaud’s.

We hope you’re having a great time back home.

Lots of love,

The three amigos – Annelise, Georgia and Mackenzie

New York Day 2

Hi, we are Sara and Madeleine, Year 11 Visual Art Students, and these are the events of our second day in the Big Apple.

We started off the day with a visit to the studio Cj Hendry,who is a widely known Brisbane artist. We saw a really cute craft store on our way there too!

Once we arrived, we met Cj, had a tour of her studio which was full of many of her new pieces that she is planning on showing soon. After that, we sat down with Cj and had chat about her journey as an artist, her personal experience in finding her footing in her personal style and medium, and her inspiration. During our chat, we were payed a visit by Cj’s beautiful dog Ace! She was a very excited but shy girl, and at one point, stole Mrs Cottrell’s hat and ran around the studio with it in her mouth.

After that, we went on a bus tour of famous TV and movie sites in the city, seeing the original fountain from Friends and the Ghostbusters firehouse!

We finished the day off with dinner at Grotta Azzura Restaurant in Little Italy, with the both of us having spaghetti bolognese. We finished off the night with some shopping and then headed back to our hotel for a good sleep!

That was our second day in New York!

Sara and Madeleine