Saturday 29th September – Vaels International School and Temple

This morning we visited Vaels International School, home to Nudhara Yusuf, winner of the ” Be Heard in Australia” oratorical competition who visited St Rita’s in May. What an amazing experience to be welcomed with such Indian hospitality. Students performed traditional and contemporary dances and the teachers were welcomed as dignitaries, being presented with shawls and welcome gifts for each student. After a tour of the school the students and staff from both schools shared refreshments and cultural exchange. It was a wonderful morning. We then went fir s traditional Southern Indian lunch followed by a visit to the Parthasarathy Temple. Just as we arrived, a large group of Hindu priests were performing their annual festival ritual in honour of the God Krishna. We were so fortunate to be here at this time. Another adventurous day in India!

Sunday 30th September – arrived in Delhi!

We have finished our time in Chennai. We arrived in Delhi and settled into our accommodation at Colonel’s Retreat. There is a lovely rooftop deck which will be well used for our group meetings while in Delhi. We went to Gandhi’s memorial and the site of his assassination. It is a peaceful, beautiful memorial to the Father of the Nation. Tomorrow we start the morning by visiting a temple, then take rickshaw rides through Old Delhi, then stop at the markets to finally do some Indian souvenir shopping.

Last day at Mithra

Last day at Mithra. Tears all around. We will miss these beautiful people. They have taught us humility, the value of being present and hope.They presented all of the St Rita’s group with an Indian garland to bless us. They held a farewell assembly, full of Indian dancing and celebration which was beautiful. We will forever hold them in our hearts.

Photos will be on the St Rita’s Facebook page as photos to the blog are not loading.

Last day at Mithra

Today is our last day at Mithra. Although it has been challenging work we will all be sad to farewell the new friends we have made here. The residents of Mithra have made us all realise that it is not their disability that is their focus, but rather their ability. When we focus on what they can do, rather than what they can’t do, we find opportunities for interaction with them that we never thought possible. They are quite possibly the happiest people we have ever met. What a wonderful experience for the students on this immersion.