Day 14 – Tokyo

We had another late start today, meeting in the lobby at 11am. We headed down stairs to the grocery shop where we purchased our lunch. This ranged from obento boxes, gyoza, salads, fresh fruit, Doritos & green tea kitkats. With our sustenance bought we caught the subway to Ueno park where we had a group picnic. We then headed to Shinobazunoike Bentendo temple located in the park.

After enjoying the scenery we hopped back on a train and traveled to the much anticipated Tokyo SkyTree. We were lucky enough to travel 450m above the ground to enjoy the scenic view of Tokyo from the sky. Here we were able to see the entire city and surrounding areas.

(Sorry it’s upside down :))

We finished the day with a shopping trip at the base of SkyTree. We were able to go to the Pokémon, Ghibli and Souvenir shops.

It was a great way to end our time as a group before we stay with our host sisters.

Until next time!

Courtney and Caeley 🙂

Day 13 – Tokyo

The morning saw a trip to a government building in south-west Tokyo. Being at quite a height, we stood before multiple windows to catch a few angles of the city.

We then decided to spend a small time on lunch before catching the train to Harajuku.

The group was actually revisiting Harajuku today – we were granted an extra couple of hours to have a really good look around. Harajuku can be considered a heavily fashionable district, and extreme in that respect. The street paving its way through the district is ridiculously packed, dotted with quirky characters and their striking outfits. Harajuku is also renowned for its crepes.

It was great returning there today because it is so crowded, and often when returning to places you have visited before, you pick up on the things you didn’t before. Returning highlighted the smaller stores which were actually selling really gorgeous kimonos and calligraphy printed shirts.

Navigating a busy district can be a bit exhausting, so towards the end of the day, we all headed back to the hostel. AND we had gelato. It was a gift from the Italian restaurant who gave us lunch on a previous tour, which was very lovely of them.

See you soon,

Ella Z

Day 12 – Tokyo Tour

Step 1. “Follow the finger”

A 9:00am start had us ready hop on many trains with our new tour guide, Shioji. We walked to the train station where we hopped on and off many trains while also following her bright yellow finger, trying not to get trampled. Our first stop was Sensoji Asakusa.

Step 2.  “Take photos of the lantern so you have evidence of being in Tokyo”

Once we arrived in Sensoji Asakusa, Shioji was very adamant of us proving that we were in Tokyo by posing in front of the lantern. It was here where we were also able to cleanse our selves with beauty and knowledge and become the Shinto version of Nano Nagle (The lady of the lantern).

Step 3. “Don’t go upstairs”

We travelled to the Home of Electronics, Akihabara. While we were overwhelmed by the amount of yellow trees, cute shops and toy capsule machines it made for a great shopping destination.

Step 4. “Use the lucky 5yens”

It was at the Asakusa temple where we were finally able to put our 1 and 5yens to good use. Using these we could  call on the gods to fulfil our wishes. We also had the opportunity to witness a traditional Shinto wedding .

Step 5. “Shop til you drop”

A short walk landed us in Harajuku, another popular shopping destination for many of us girls. While some alleyways on Takeshita street where sketchy and crowded this did stop us from enjoying ourselves. Shops ranged from daiso to wego making many of us very happy girls. A great end to Harajuku was the entertaining interpretive dancer and didgeridoo player.

Step 6. “Cross with the crowd”

Shibuya. What was quite intimidating to begin with, being invited to feature in a Japanese bands music video (Summer is Over) surely made us feel more at home. After crossing the largest crossing in the world and remaining alive, we saw the beautiful dog, Hachi and his legacy.

Step 7. “We made it”

Thank you for reading today!

That’s all for now,

Morgan and Anna :))