Murgon Immersion: We are coming home!

This morning we said our farewells to the staff and students at St Joseph’s.  As students arrived for the day, some greeted us with handmade cards with personalised messages.

At the assembly, we were presented with a gift from the school as a memento of our time here.  In return, we gifted to the school a newly published novel about the life of Nano Nagle, A Dream Unfolds by Presentation Sister Noela Fox.  On behalf of Kildare House, Isabella presented the students with pencil cases and stationery.

St Joseph’s Primary School is the Presentation Ministry of Kildare House.  This term, the proceeds of the fairy floss fundraiser were used to purchase the stationery supplies.  It was a wonderful initiative.  Congratulations to all staff and students of Kildare House for this stellar effort!

The bus and ute are packed and morning tea is approaching.  As the clock strikes 10.30am, we will commence our journey home.

Murgon Immersion Day 4

Today we continued our work at St Joseph’s by assisting at the athletics carnival.  We filled a number of roles from timekeepers and judges to coaches and cheer squad.  At the end of the day, we received a wildcard entry in the staff versus student relay and did the Brown and White proud by taking out the event.  The official record will show that we were disqualified (so that the staff could maintain their unbeaten record) but we know we won it fair and square!

This evening, we reflected on our experiences over the course of the week.  The night ended with a celebration of the upcoming birthdays for Mackenzie and Mr Bambry.

Murgon Immersion Day 3

Today we continued our work with the students at St Joseph’s.  A couple of students even got the chance to accompany the Prep and Year 1 classes on excursion to Kingaroy to see a school production of The Little Mermaid.

This afternoon, we visited the Ration Shed in Cherbourg.  Established following the centenary of the Cherbourg settlement in 2004, the Ration Shed preserves the history of the treatment of Aboriginal people under the Protection Act and celebrates the people who have called Cherbourg home.  We are most grateful for the hospitality extended to us by Aunty Sandra and Aunty Ada and for their generosity in sharing some of their stories.

Tomorrow the students of St Joseph’s will compete in their school athletics carnival.  We are looking forward to assisting at the carnival and encouraging all students to do their best.






Murgon Immersion Day 2

Today we moved camp from Barambah Environmental Education Centre to St Joseph’s at Murgon.  On arrival at St Joseph’s, the Principal, Mr Greg Cran, gave us a short orientation to the school.  We met the students over morning tea and accompanied them to class for the middle of the day.

After lunch, we inflated our camping mattresses and unrolled our sleeping bags for the night then headed to Kingaroy for the evening’s entertainment: tenpin bowling and takeaway.

On our return to Murgon, we reflected on our experiences yesterday and our first impressions of St Joseph’s. Our night prayer reminded us of the ministry of Nano Nagle and challenged us to seek the presence of God in the ordinary everyday realities: our relationships, commitments and activities.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to our day in the classrooms and our visit to the Ration Shed.



Murgon Immersion Day 1

On Sunday the 19 July, we departed the College bound for the Barambah Environmental Education Centre.  Our journey was a wet one but we arrived safely and in good time. We settled in and rested up in preparation for our program the next day.

On Monday, Sue Gibson, the Principal of Barambah, introduced us to the history and traditions of the Aboriginal people of the area.  We made string using a traditional technique, learnt about the Bunya festivals that occurred about every three years when Bunya nuts were in abundant supply, tried our hand at fire starting, threw a boomerang, built shelters and tried some bush tucker.

In the evening, Peter Gibson took us stargazing and shared with us some of the Aboriginal and Greek myths associated with the constellations of our Galaxy.  We ended the night around a camp fire.  Unfortunately, the marshmallows were in short supply!



The Murgon Immersion will depart this Sunday 19 June.  During the week, students will visit the Barambah Environmental Education Centre, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, and the Ration Shed at Cherbourg.  You can follow the journey via this blog.