Our first full day of tour was packed with excitement! We began our day with a nice hot breakfast before heading off to Rathdowney State School. Our muscles were tested with a steep driveway, but eventually we made it to the top. We stopped for lunch at a nearby park, where we also managed to support a local general store. After that, we made our way to Darlington State School for our final performance of the day. Once again, we ran into some trouble moving gear, but thankfully, a friendly passing cowboy helped us. Even the wind couldn’t stop us from blowing away the students with our music! A long bus ride led us back to Koonjewarre, where we happily ate our dinner before settling around a campfire. The marshmallows were in high demand! After a long day, we went to bed to rest for another full day!

Ellen and Monica









Our first stop at Harrisville was a huge success and a fantastic start to music tour 2014. Harrisville State School was extremely welcoming and even allowed us to release chickens. Stopping for lunch in Boonah, we bumped into the amazing Ms Patterson, who followed us to All Saints school for our second performance of the day. Packing the trailer for the second time resulted in a completely different set up, but thanks to our expert problem-solving, we were successful. A two hour drive up a mountain led us to Koonjewarre, where we set up camp for the week. A large game of spotlight took place that lasted a total of 30 minutes due to the chilly temperature of 10 degrees. To finish the day we had a hot chocolate to counter the freezing temperatures.

Best wishes,
Monica and Ellen


After the rain we saw last week, it was a joy to wake to the sun shining for the first day of Tour; it may have been cold, but our spirits were warm. Everyone arrived at school at 7:30 in time for Sr. Elvera to go all paparazzi. Packing the bus was a task, but our skills in Tetris pulled us through. We waved goodbye to the school and set out for our first stop, Harrisville State School.

Monica and Ellen